About audio engineering process


We start by adjusting the microphone position, level, and headphones volume to have the best sonic result. Then we basically record your Instrument or Voice on the computer. This first step is one of the most important: even if we are in a “digital” era, there are still things that we cannot fix. So sometimes you’ll need to do another take until it’s good rather than thinking the magic of the digital world will do it for you!


We cut the part of the recording that we do not need/want, to leave only the best of your performance. For example, if your entire song sounds amazing except the second verse, we will record it again and replace the bad one by the awesome one. It’s that simple!


We adjust frequency balance (EQ), effects (reverb, chorus, flange…), dynamic range (compressor, expander, noise gate), and pan pot -among others- and then mix the different tracks together. This is the very subtle step of making everything sounding clear, good and well balanced. The more numerous the tracks are, the harder and longer the work is. But this is also when you start feeling the beat!


We get the mixes ready to be ‘burned’ onto the destination medium (usually a CD). This is the final process before your media is broadcasted. As a part of this step, we listen to the result in different speakers to check if it sounds great in all of them. So we pay attention to each detail to make sure you’ll get the best product when leaving the studios!

About audio engineering process


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